Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Name Game (and art update)

The whole idea behind using "Roguish" as a game title stems from my love of roguelike pc games.  The endless dungeons, random things you find, and always different dungeon maps fit well with my experience playing pen & paper games.  One of the most popular roguelikes is Diablo. In essence Diablo is nothing more than a super chrome job and "real time" combat version of classic roguelikes.  So while Roguish as a fantasy RPG name brings up that classic exploration and combat connotation to me, to others it could mean:

a) nothing
b) non-rpg based reference
c) something thief based only 

None of those is an accurate mental pigeon hole for my game.

As I work for a game company, I am familiar with branding and how important it is to successfully marketing and creating interest for your product.  While Roguish may catch the concept to me, as a name it's not really working.  The more I write and work on the game the more I feel it's a miss on a number of different levels.  To that end I have come up with a few possible names to replace Roguish.  Your vote is important so let me know what you think of:

Peril & Plunder
Sword & Shield
Tombs & Terrors
Roguish (hey I could be wrong)

Also I thought it worth noting (and posting with some pride) my wife will be supplying some of the art for my (TBD) Fantasy Role Playing Game, below is something I might use either as introductory pages or possibly as inserted chapter break pages for added "feel" in the game.

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