Monday, January 3, 2011

Traveller: The Fantasy Trip Edition

Inspired by Superhero Necromancer sharing some fantastic TFT resources, I've decided to put up my Traveller TFT stuff I've collected.  Some is Dark City Games Legends of Time and Space and includes their rules and 2 solo programmed adventures.  In addition are Ty Beard's Traveller and Hi Tech TFT rules.  Dark City also has a number of sci-fi modules based on their rules for purchase.  I own them all and they are good!

Between Ty's rules and DCG's rules you have a pretty good core set to play sci-fi TFT.  It's not complete but I think it shows the flexibility and possibilities of the TFT engine.  Too bad GURPS took this simple set and went off the rails because I think in about 36 or 48 pages you could create a pretty good rpg using this as a basis.

UPDATE: I have created my own Melee/Wizard/TFT inspired fantasy game Heroes & Other Worlds. You can checkout an initial review from Robert Saint John on RPG geek.
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