Friday, January 21, 2011

Finally a Happy Friday!

Well it took a lot of work and waiting, but all the bits for my limited run of the COLLAPSE RPG Administrator kits are here!  I am only making about 25 kits and when they are gone, I don't know if or when there would be another run.   Each Administrator's Kit includes:

  • A used military surplus rubberized canvas bag(condition is good but varies no two are alike!)
  • 3 Ticonderoga pencils
  • A Staedtler pencil sharpener
  • 25 graph grid index cards
  • 25 lined index cards
  • 2 red six sided dice
  • 2 yellow six sided dice
  • a mini compass
  • a mini led light
  • and I am tossing in a printed digest sized copy of the beta v1.1 COLLAPSE RPG manual

$45+$5 shipping in the lower 48 US
Ships in a padded plastic envelope.

Intl. shipping prices will be on an individual location basis

I'll post an email where you can contact me to purchase a kit once I have all the kits completed and ready to ship.  I'll also post a picture of the completed kits this weekend so you can see it before you decide.
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