Thursday, September 2, 2010

Roguish RPG update

I continue to flip between working on my Collapse RPG and my Roguish fantasy RPG. I have taken time with Roguish to rework it and decided to use contested rolls for nearly everything.  In the end it may be everything including spell casting.

The more I play test the contested rolls the more I am sure of it. Blame a steady diet of RISK (the board game) as young lad growing up if you like, but the contested roll feels more organic and interactive than chart consultation by level or strict target numbers. More random? Yes and no. By using 3d6 you have a good bell curve which creates a solid baseline model of expectation of result versus a d20 roll.

The three character classes : Warrior, Wizard, and Rogue will each have class limited class abilities. This allows a character to add a bonus of 1/2 their current level in any attempt to do a few limited tasks. For example a wizard applies his bonus to spell casting, a warrior to attacks, and a Rogue to pick locks. Each race will also have an ability bonus or two so your average character has a total of six abilities with a bonus which makes them a bit unique. The simple add 1/2 your level as a bonus to attempting certain tasks  is easy to remember and apply with out using charts or elaborate formulas.  it also allows any character to try something, they simply do not get the class/experience bonus.

I hope to have the character generation and combat book aptly entitled SWORD & SHIELD done this weekend and the Magic book STAFF and SPELL possibly completed as well. Taking a page from Metagames Melee & Wizard each will be short and easy to digest.  A third book focused on the referee generating adventures, traps, treasures, random tables galore etc. will follow along.

Overall I think the simplicity, interactivity, and brevity of the the books comprising Roguish FRPG will hopefully make it interesting enough to be found on other table tops beyond my own.
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