Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pokémon + James E Raggi = ?


I am not quite sure why Mr. Raggi's work came to mind after monkeying about with this neat little site.  Perhaps the strange yet interesting results from cross pollinating the cute and the creepy and seeing their off spring become Lovecraftian nightmares of strange proportions simply fit?  Anyway its an instant creature generator for your next campaign!

I have 4 copies of the completed COLLAPSE RPG in my hands and will begin editing.  In addition another kind soul offered to do some editing as well so once that is completed, it will be up on LULU for purchase.  probably end up around 100 pages and I am thinking it will be around $12-$15.

Work has been absolutely mad recently and the first limited public test of a brand new retail concept has been central to swamping my schedule.  Hopefully things will become a bit less crazy and I can finish COLLAPSE editing for publishing, and then focus on getting ROGUISH completed once and for all.

Cheers for now!
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