Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dungeon Heroes

Recently WotC re-released the classic board game Dungeon! At the time when I was a kid, this was a lot of fun and I am glad to see it back.  What I want to point you to though is a new Kickstarter game that kind of takes this dungeon crawl board game idea into the modern age as a 2 player, head to head 30 minute strategy game.

In a nutshell, one player controls 4 heroes exploring a dungeon with a goal to find the 3 treasures.  The other is the dungeon lord attempting to stop the the heroes from succeeding.  It is a unique strategy game with a cool theme that could be played by kids and adults! Some prototype reviews of the game are up already and this link takes you to a great one. Below is the game play overview video so you can see what it is all about:

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Narmer said...

I loved Dungeon as a kid. It's nice to hear that it has been re-released. The holidays are coming up. Hmmm.

The new game looks cool too.