Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fear of the Dark?

Dark City Games just released a new programmed adventure, Shadows in the Dark.  If you are a fan of the classic TFT programmed adventures, then its like a library of gaming goodness!  Each includes basic rules, counters and map just like the Metagaming adventures of old!

My own game, Heroes & Other Worlds, will mesh very well with their programed adventures so when it is released, there will be a broad range of compatible adventures right from the start!

If you have not played one of their modules yet, head over and check out their full line, I highly recommend their modules!


Narmer said...

Oooooo, shiny!

Aaron E. Steele said...

Looks good, are they selling this on ebay as well?

Fenway5 said...

I ordered mine from DCG, but I did not see it on ebay yet, Also Noble Knight stocks them so it could show up there soon too!