Sunday, August 12, 2012


Work continues on my TFT inspired RPG Heroes & Other Worlds. Part of the overall plan is to also have a 'zine to support it called Cauldron.  My hope is Cauldron will be a shared labor between myself and you the player.  A place for new spells, new creatures, random charts, sand pail settings and even short adventures! (programmed and refereeed)

One of the things I loved about the golden age of gaming was discovering new ideas and options in each magazine issue. Whether it was The Space Gamer, Dragon, Different Worlds or any of the other gaming mags of yore, each provided a variety of short and interesting potential additions to your game.

Considering the wealth and variety of talent in the blogosphere, I look forward to seeing what sorts of magic bubbles up in each issue. Once HOW releases I'll put up a Cauldron contribution email address if you want to add your own wing of bat to the Cauldron's brew.


JB said...

That is quite an awesome piece of art.
: )

Fenway5 said...

Well JB you can't be public domain art for a mock up image!