Friday, April 27, 2012

Reviews are in

 Rogue Space is almost 2 months old now and the reviews are pretty damn good.  For something that started as an 8 page pocket mod, it grew into a 64 page RPG...but retained all the simplicity and flexibility of the source rules.

You can read some reviews and a podcast look at the game, including using it for a Mass Effect RPG engine at the following links.

A Susurrus in Carcosa review

Mik's Minis Review

Minions of the Monster Monster Blog podcast

....and if any of that intrigues you, check out the free 8 pg core rules on the Rogue Space blog or buy the game for $7.10 at Lulu. I make ZERO profit from the sales, but if you like it and want to donate to future exploration you can do so on my Rogue Space blog.
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