Friday, April 27, 2012

Reviews are in

 Rogue Space is almost 2 months old now and the reviews are pretty damn good.  For something that started as an 8 page pocket mod, it grew into a 64 page RPG...but retained all the simplicity and flexibility of the source rules.

You can read some reviews and a podcast look at the game, including using it for a Mass Effect RPG engine at the following links.

A Susurrus in Carcosa review

Mik's Minis Review

Minions of the Monster Monster Blog podcast

....and if any of that intrigues you, check out the free 8 pg core rules on the Rogue Space blog or buy the game for $7.10 at Lulu. I make ZERO profit from the sales, but if you like it and want to donate to future exploration you can do so on my Rogue Space blog.


JB said...

I couldn't help but notice in the reviews that your wife provides you with illustrations? Is she for hire by any chance?

Fenway5 said...

@JB...yup I am blessed and lucky that not only does my wife actually like this kind of stuff, she's damn good at bringing it to life..she has the skillz of an artist!

You can check out some of her work..and even some future stuff I'll be her deviant art site:

As to commissioning illustration work from her? Email her on her deviant art page and ask her! :)