Friday, November 11, 2011

PFoP module D4 now available for download

The final module in the Pocket Full of Peril edition of Dyson's Delve is now available for download. 

This was a fun project and I really like formatting adventures in this manner. A couple things I learned and would change when going forward are:

1) Limit adventures to 2 maps and use more space for text or stats if using them.

2) Have an actual back cover. That will make it into an actual mini module!

When I use this format for modules for my own fantasy game Roguish I will apply these lessons, and any other suggestions or comments you may have.  Thanks for downloading the series and I hope you enjoyed them!

I plan on making an announcement tomorrow about a project in the works with another OSR blogger.


Atom Kid said...

I like these a lot, although I haven't used them yet I hope to soon!

Fenway5 said...

Thanks AK, I think the PFoP series of adventures are great as filler in a sandbox setting or as a bullpen for a referee. Stuck for an adventure? Have new players you are want to introduce to playing? Want to complete an adventure in one night? With PFoP you are ready to go! It's like the Pocket Fisherman of the RPG world.

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate your work!! Printing queue on!
Also, hope this will stir the geat Dyson back on the web!

What about a PocketMod compilation(s) of your other PFoP's?? It would be a great lil book to have!

Fenway5 said...


Thanks for your kind words I hope you play the heck out of them! I too hoped maybe this would get some buzz and bring Dyson back from wherever he is roaming. I wish him all the best and am grateful for his works and inspiration.

Pocket module versions of previous PFoP's is on my list of things to do...but that's probably sometime next year before I can get to it.