Saturday, November 19, 2011

A little Roguish Magic

Here is a sneak peak of one spell in my Roguish Fantasy RPG.  Magic is one of the most difficult (for me) bits about designing (and for that matter playing) an RPG.

This is more true as I am specifically desiging Roguish to be old school in feel and style, while also NOT being another retro clone/OGL/d20 system.  There are so many (some very good) ones out already.  I can't say that Roguish will meet or fit your style of game play, I can only guarantee it will fit and meet mine.    The system uses 3d6 to resolve all game actions (combat, spell casting, resisting, tests) so the funny sided dice (as my wife calls them) will have to take a holiday when you play Roguish.

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