Sunday, July 3, 2011

Traveller RPG + your iPhone = Traveller AR

This is quite interesting.  I dig my iPhone for gaming (roguelikes) and watching baseball on the go, but I have had zero interest in MMO's.  Even the Conan one wasn't enough to tempt me.  But a Traveller based one?  On my iPhone?  I am interested only from the following standpoint: Who is this aimed at?

I don't think the Traveller brand has much power, especially outside the RPG community.  So this is for SciFi RPG gamers with phones?  Hmmm seems like a pretty small market.  Especially as an MMO...on your phone? yes that probably makes me older than dirt, but seriosuly, outside of killing time between flights (or on them) I don't use my phone for gaming much, and certainly not for hours at a time.  Anyway enough of the "get off my lawn" talk.  Let's talk about Traveller AR. 

It appears to be a true Traveller RPG experience: All the classes, all the alien races, and even HexMode exploration which looks like the classic subsector  maps. 

From the Traveller-AR Site:
Traveller AR comes with some fantastic features which will help make it the iPhone space game of choice, and one of the best iPhone MMO games in the iPhone store.
  • Vast empire to explore
  • Completely MMO – You will be playing with real people in real time.
  • iPhone RPG – Based on the fantastic Traveller RPG story-line, allowing you to explore the universe from anywhere
  • Augmented Reality – overlay the real world with the traveller universe.
  • Unique Nav Wheel helps you easily navigate the virtual world.
  • The traditional hex mode has been used to allow Traveller players to easily pick up the Traveller AR iPhone RPG.
  • A wide selection of ships and character classes to choose from.
They are running a major event at Comic Con this year so I will give it a try there, not sure I will stick with it, but its worth a shot and an honest review.
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