Saturday, July 16, 2011

Akratic Wizardry--the book

It's odd how inspiration grabs you at 4.30am...

I read Shane Magnus' post regarding Crypts & Things play test and was intrigued. PS Shane i can't wait for YOUR rules to come out!

At the end he notes that the genesis of Crypts & Things was a series of rules posted by Akrasia on his Akratic Wizardry site.

So I went over checked it out and was even more inspired.  As a result I spent the next 4 hours throwing together a PDF book of these house rules, in 6x9 size, using the original text posted by Akrasia.  I added art, and now a couple bound editions with the cover shown left are on their way from Lulu to yours truly.

If you haven;t checked it out and you are a fan of S&S gaming I highly recommend it!
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