Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fighting Fantazine!

While the new Advanced Fighting Fantasy could have used a bit more polish and time, I have become more intrigued with the system itself.  So if you are curious about, or just a long time fan of the system, I highly recommend you check out The Fighting Fantazine! Six issues have been published and it is a beautiful labor of love.  Each delves into a bit of the history of FF like authors, artists and cartographers.  Further it covers the current game book market across all platforms (books, aps, etc.) and each includes a unique adventure for you to try.

The obvious love, care, and effort that goes into each issue is amazing and inspiring.  Consider it the Fighting Fantasy equivalent of Kncokspell or Fight On-but maybe better!  I certainly wish Alex and staff at Fighting Fantazie had worked or directed the folks at Arion Games in the remaking of AFF.  It would have made a world of difference as you will see.

Check out and please follow the Fantazine blog (c'mon let's give them some support!) or go right to the Fighting Fantazine site and download PDF's of all six current issues.

Great work all involved with the magazine, my hats off to you folks-outstanding!
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