Thursday, May 26, 2011

AFF: Out of The Pit impression

Out of the Pit, and Titan really, appear to be simple reprints. the text in both is black, the art is a grey seemingly somewhat faded or at least different colored images.  Of note the title page fonts inside are the original fonts and presentation in contrast to the covers fonts.  Which again goes to my point about what's the goal of changing covers and sizes?  Who are you attempting to reach with the product?

While AFF (rightly in my opinion) adds armor and armor rolls to the system, Out of the Pit monster book does not carry this over.  No creature has any armor listed nor does it provide suggested armor, nor armor classes or charts of any kind.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

It is very clear me that the AFF rules book was sorted through, revised, re-written, and added to, but apparently (for whatever reason) that is where all effort ended.  When you revise a book and system, that revision must carry through for continuity.  For example in AFF in your adventures monsters have armor--in Out of the Pit there is no mention of armor, no charts, no suggestion.  It adheres to the original printing and system which simply assumed armor and did not deal with it as a separate consideration.

In the end the AFF re-release as a whole is a mixed bag.  There are some highlights: magic, armor, dungeon creation, and writing style in the revision.  There are some underwhelming issues though as well: book/cover design and revisions versus reprint incongruity.

I like the AFF system, I like a number of the revisions and additions...but the overall re-design and re-release feels rushed and unprofessional.  If you did not get the original AFF books or are tired of using your own for fear of destruction, then I can recommend these as workable replacements.  If you are new to the system I think you will like what you find.  Either way you are going to have to do some work to get it all to synch up.
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