Friday, June 25, 2010

The COLLAPSE is coming

What a busy week!  Monday was crazy busy at work, Tuesday I lost my hearing watching Dream Theater and IRON MAIDEN blow the doors off the joint.  My ears were ringing for 2 days straight!  Wednesday was a 12 hour day in the office (after 4 hours sleep), and then dinner with the boss after work that night.  Thursday was BASEBALL: 13 innings in the sunshine of Safeco field.  Whew I was spent and passed out at 8pm last night.  Fortunately I had Friday off, and managed to knock out some more good work on my Apocalypse RPG: COLLAPSE.

Unlike Aftermath! or Gamma World, COLLAPSE concerns itself with  starting during a Collapse, then playing it out .  It will be very open ended as to why or how a COLLAPSE occurs so an Administrator (GM) can do whatever they like.  It is a very simple system so the game play and mechanics do not get in the way of creativity or game play.  Old school style w/o being a D&D derivative.  Actually I'd say its more a mashup of Car Wars, Traveler, and Barbarians of Lemuria.  Note I am not claiming its anywhere near as good as those games-but it is inspired by bibs & bobs of those fine games.

The image to the left is the Character sheet.  Simple and clean plus I think the pictograms are a neat hook.  Anyway, the player sections are done.  There are 3 chapters: Basics, Character Creation, Combat.  Toss in a table of contents and a character sheet and its about 44 pages.

I'm unsure if there should be an equipment section really as it is modern times and since the game starts (ideally) in medias res, its not like you have a back pack full of stuff handy.

Example: One COLLAPSE scenario kicked off with everyone working in the same office.  You hear a strange sizzling noise then the power goes out, you see the sky turn a strange reddish orange outside and everyone grows quiet.  You rush to the window to look out and you see every car has stopped and is slowly rolling to a halt below you.  Six planes drop out of the sky slowly spinning towards the ground.  A few hit the water and a few hit portions of the city. Each crashes with a fiery boom which shakes the office tower you are standing in...what do you do?
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