Sunday, June 6, 2010

The COLLAPSE continues...

I have continued work on my COLLAPSE rpg.  Like most games I enjoy it is gritty and not fantastic. COLLAPSE concerns itself with the breakdown of modern society based upon whatever scenario the Administrator chooses.  It could be financial collapse, zombies, pandemic, EMP, war, etc.  Rather than 100 years in the future, its more about the here and now, everyday people dealing with a world turned upside down. 

One could conceivably add tentacled, eight eyed, crab clawed mutants to it, but frankly there are other games, Mutant Future comes to mind, that already do this and better.  Although there are section on Zombies or Aliens causing a COLLAPSE event, they tend to be more gritty.  So in COLLAPSE a zombie scenario is inspired by the novel Day by Day Armageddon and the Walking Dead comic.  Alien invasion is akin to War of the Worlds or Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and military invasion scenarios inspired by Red Dawn.

One area I am having difficulty with is whether or not to add secondary ratings dealing with character psychological make up.  Rating things like empathy, ambition, integrity, charisma, and stability.  The psychological components are critical in surviving and interacting with others.   Yet creating stats to handle them seems like both a blessing an a curse.  It creates a touchstone for both player and administrator for figuring out character interactions and reactions, as well as their personality. Yet it also pigeonholes player flexibility and limits a character to certain actions or reactions.

I really dislike alignment systems, yet this seems to be what I am creating just with a different coat of paint more reflective of the style of game I like.  I have two different versions written, and can;t really say I like either.

So should I: Abandon it?  Make it optional in an appendix? Or leave it in?
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