Friday, February 5, 2010

creative kismet?

FRAK!! So as I have worked on my Collapse RPG I passed my basic rule set and character creation to a friend last week.

Him: Hey, have you read the Barbarians of Lemuria rules before?

Me: No, should I?

Him: Maybe, maybe not...because you just kind of rewrote them...HA!

Me: FRAK!!

Well I spent yesterday jumped up on Dayquil and Robutussin DM reading the Lemuria rules. I'll be damned if I didn't come up with almost the same rules. I have a number of differences but in essence its the same 9+ on 2d6, 4 stats, which influence your roll but I added skills and fleshed them out tied to careers. Frak me, this also means the "Barbarians of the Aftermath" rules book due in February must be similar in some way to my own rules set.

I am (was) writing mine up in the manner of a government issued field manual with various Blue Book reports focused on specific collapse events...but at this point I kind of feel suckered punched. So do I continue or not? Seems sort of pointless...but hell with so much OSR reprints of D&D rules out there...why not? Off to get more Dayquil to help me make my decision...
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