Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ancient Odysseys

Well Precis Media dropped a note in my in box letting me know the PDF of their new fantasy system is available now! I picked up 2 copies of the boxed set which ships out next week so I am anxious to read it.

I am not overly fond of their 2d6 system used in games like Earth 2, and happily Ancient Odysseys does NOT use this system!! Below is quick overview based on browsing the books.

The boxed set (and pdf) comes with 3 books: Basic Playbook, The Dungeon Adventure, and Further Adventures. A pair of Reference sheets and blank character sheets are also included.

Basic characters creation:
You have 3 stats (Fitness, Awareness, Reasoning) each ranked 1(weak) to 5 (strong). The four classic fantasy races are represented (hoblings are hobbits) and 3 fantasy classes are available(fighters, wizards, rogues) There are a total of 16 pursuits (skills) in the game and what you start with depends on your class. Pursuits are ranked from 1 to 3. To accomplish a task you roll 1d6, add your stat, and add your pursuit trying to beat a 7 on an average task.

The basic rules and character creation are in a slim 37 pages. The Dungeon is a complete single player or group referee-less adventure that is simple in execution but perfect as an introduction to the system. For new players or young kids, it actually seems pretty fun.

The Further adventures book contains rules on creating adventures and being a referee.

Overall I really like this little RPG. As a Basic Set it is complete, simple, and could provide a great stepping stone into further adventures. My hope is the system grows a bit deeper or additional options become available in supplements or additional boxed sets.

Buy it: If you want a simple elegant system and to see how a great introductory RPG boxed set should be put together.

Don't buy it: If your only measure of a good game is how many charts, spells, blood demons of Yog-Mis-Fyrl, and character options/classes determine a games worth.
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