Sunday, March 15, 2009

The mega-mega dungeon city world adventure

So with old school mega dungeon FEVAH sweeping the globe, it got me to thinking about Avernum.

Avernum is a series (5 now) of old school style CRPG's from Spiderweb software. The world is split between the surface, and the underworld. The underworld is where enemies of the state are banished and forced to live and fight to survive. There are bandits, temples, rivers, boats, oceans, magic, mayhem, and lots of adventure to be had. In fact some of the adventures involve fighting to get back to the surface and some various adventures up there.

In any event, I wonder if a complete underworld might be in the offing at some point. If mega dungeons are passe, Maybe make the mega dungeon into an entire realm, a complete dungeon about a character escape to the surface and free the underworld? what happens if that happens? All the terrors released from the underworld along with the all prisoners?

Could be escape from New York kind of mad house land of criminals and monsters? Maybe various races have formed warring tribes? PERHAPS the surface world is just a myth? options options options, what more could a referee ask for?

Yes I know there was under mountain, and menzo-bore-anzan, and undoubtedly others,but I have not seen this underworld setting come up as part of the current Renaissance...should it?
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