Saturday, March 15, 2014

Peril Update

Compiling peril is closer to being done now, but I thought I'd talk a but about spell casting in Peril as it is not the Vancian standard.

To cast a spell, the caster rolls a d20+ the caster's level. This sum is compared to the Spell's Difficulty (11+spell level). To successfully cast the spell, the caster's total must be equal to or higher than the Spell Difficulty total. If the caster's sum is under this number, the spell fails.

A spell successfully cast, can be cast again.  Failure means the spell is forgotten and must be relearned before it can be cast again.

Casting a first level spell has a Spell difficulty of 12 (11+1st level spell), casting a second level spell has a Spell Difficulty of 13 and so on.

Currently its about 220 pages, but its a 6x9 digest sized book, single column pages.  The artless PDF will be availble as a free download, the rules with art will be availble via


Narmer said...

I like that spell casting system. Are the number of spells a caster can memorize similar to other rule-sets?

Fenway5 said...

I can attest to it working just fine in play and yes the number memorized remains unchanged.