Thursday, July 26, 2012

Heroes & Other Worlds Update

My own spin on Metagaming's Melee/Wizard/TFT continues to come right along.  The current beta version (1.7) will stay up for free download until shortly before I get ready to make it available for sale.  Original art is in the works and I am grinding through the edits, treasures, creature descriptions and such.

While TFT was a tactical board game made into an RPG, HOW is more simple RPG using the baisc components of TFT.  All told I think it will come in around 48 to 50 pages.

One programmed adventure is planned "Grim Venture" a riff on the original Death Test hundreds of years later.

Blades& Black Magic will be a Sword & Sorcery style supplement for playing HOW including additional spells, creatures, treasures etc.

I also plan on a having zine to support it with a mix of submissions and my own stuff.  It will be a free PDF download--and I may offer printed copies with exclusive art covers by my wife straight out of my printer.

In my own mind its sort of the basic game I wish Dragons of Underearth had been...and I am kind of driven by this letter:


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