Sunday, June 26, 2011

WotC D&D layoffs

Four conclusions I will draw:

1) D&D 4th is done
2) D&D based boardgames are doing well
3) More D&D boardgames will continue to come out
4) A new D&D version will come, a new direction, and headed by different folks

I think a streamlined "old school" version that ties to board gaming seems likely.

To highlight from a comment post I made:

If I were running it I would go back to a 3 step brand presentation for D&D using historical elements:

1) Basic D&D would be board game based like Dungeon: introduce character classes as game pieces, monster lexicon, and simple d20 systems.

2) Expert D&D would also be board game based like HeroQuest and Ravenloft. Now get into BASIC character creation and adventure creation, add the notion of different dice doing different things.

 3) Advanced D&D is a full blown RPG building on each of the previous steps.

If you have read and followed my missives before this, you saw it coming, if not? Well why not?
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