Sunday, October 24, 2010

Damage via d6, another option (edit v 1.1)

Recently JB made an excellent post regarding the d6 as the arbiter of weapon damage.  I agree with much of JB's thoughts although I have a twist on it which I am using in my ROGUISH RPG.

I believe there should be at least some sort of subtle difference between daggers, spears, sling stones, battle axes and long swords.  Yet I do not want to use multiple dice types (ROGUISH is d6 only) nor have everyone running around with the same weapon because it does X damage.

So how to make them interesting and different while using d6 only?  I decided to create damage classes.

(L) Light damage = roll 2d6 keep the lowest number rolled
(M) Medium damage = roll 1d6 use number rolled
(V) Heavy damage = roll 1d6 and use highest number
(X) Extra Heavy damage= roll 1d6 and add +2

Weapons, monster attacks, and spells all use this simple short hand notation (L, M, V, or X).  So if you like the idea of d6 weapon damage but want to keep a bit of difference between weapon types, this might work for you.
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