Saturday, May 8, 2010

Unintended Consequences

Hello my friends and mysterious acquaintances, and a tip of the hat to lurkers everywhere. Sorry I've not had the time I have hoped recently to write. I am still here, still nerdy, and still working away, just not on my own projects as I had hoped.

As I've made mention before, I happen to work for a game company. Technically I have a specific title and role. My own out pouring of new ideas and past experiences in retail often tap me to do not only my job, but additional projects. Recently a new project was launched and the time line for completion is...well to put it mildly "nuttier than squirrel shit."

The project is the sort of thing most companies would spend about a year putting together, we've had a little under 3 months. My own part in this is as "rented mule." Here is how it works: Super important #2 guy in the company has crazy idea and creates a time line not tethered to reality. Yours truly gets the unenviable task of trying to give shape to said wild ass vision, with my time line being, "this should have been done yesterday. Oh, and don't quit your day job, as your titular function is critical to our continued success." So myself, another hard charger in the same department, and 2 outside consultants (who are paid double the company wage) are putting this little dream together. For the visionary it is a dream, for the cat building it, its a nightmare.

I can hear you now gentle reader, "Waaaaaah, boo-hoo, you have a job so why are you complaining? it is called work for a reason, man up and shut up about it, who cares? Will you ever finish just ONE rpg you are working on? Damn what a cry baby!" All true to a certain extent.

Who cares? Well my wife and I do, and I am sure that is the extent of it. In the end having worked absurd hours daily and weekends to meet a deadline while still having to fulfill my normal work responsibilities has left me bereft of time to write or to attend to my blogs. My part in this project should be over soon, and after a vacation I hope to have the COLLAPSE rule book up.

Thanks for your patience and I hope not to have a lapse like this again. As Winston Churchill said, "If you are going through hell, keep going." That is precisely what I intend to do.
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