Sunday, April 4, 2010

COLLAPSE RPG blog is up

So other than working and traveling way too much, and devoting a LOT of time to fantasy baseball and the real game (GO SOX!)I am always tinkering away on my Roguish RPG and now I have another one under way which I have discussed before: COLLAPSE.  I knocked out the basic rules, character creation and combat.  It's a simple system, but I think that's a good thing and fits the flavor of the game.  The rules should come in around 48 pages and I am going to hand make copies.  I don't think I'll end up having to make more than 20 so I am going to include the dice as well. 

I am trying to write it in the fashion of a government field manual and a sample of that is on the COLLAPSE site.  Check it out, it's a bit spartan right now, but the oak starts from the acorn right?
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