Friday, September 4, 2009

Best of the Best: 80's scifi-& fantasy movies

With the wife out of town visiting her dad, I have time to write and revel in my own top 10 list of 80's scifi/ fantasy films. You may disagree, and that's fine, you are wrong. Note, I am not including any films from the major series of the era Star Wars or Star Trek. My plan is to watch every single one over the extended holiday, and wallow in some classic films. Without further yammering, here it is:

#10 BEAST MASTER -The two ferrets were really cool
#9 TRON- Killer light cycle races and the tanks are still kick ass
#8 EXCALIBUR-Unforgetable armor and the music Carmina Burana is EPIC
#7 DRAGONSLAYER-Still one of the best and I'd like to see it remade
#6 FLASH GORDON-Absolutely love it and I know you just heard in your mind "FLASH...AAAAAHHHAAAAAAAH....king of the IMPOSSIBLE!" I had high hopes for the TV series, man that was a pile of crap
#5 THE LAST STAR FIGHTER- completely over looked classic that really deserves a lot more love than it gets. Grig is one of the best sidekick characters ever!
#4 RED DAWN - I am still awaiting my chance to hold aloft an AK-47 and shout WOLVERINES! over the burn out hulk of a Russian APC.
#3 BLADE RUNNER- Rutger Hauer wrote the last lines of the film his character Roy Batty says when he dies. How fraking cool is that?!
#2 ALIENS- Hands down the best scifi military adventures EVER, I can't think of a film that beats it.
#1 CONAN THE BARBARIAN - Let me tell you of the days of High Adventure...

Honorable mention that just missed the cut:
Clash of the Titans, Enemy Mine, Terminator, Legend, Ghost Busters
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