Monday, August 10, 2009

Ancient Treasures soon discovered...

I am a big fan of board games as well as RPG's. In fact I think a great way to get people into RPG's is to start them gaming with rpg-esque board games. So is the center of my board gaming universe. Reviews, images, variants, discussions and all sorts of goodness can be found on golden moldies as well as hot stuff coming soon. I have posted a couple of my own games up there, my module I did for dark City Games, as well as variant stuff such as unique counters for Ogre/GEV.

Well after years of discussion and promises...the beta RPG geek is rolling. Yup the chocolate to the peanut butter of the gaming universe is about to be added...and man is it sweet. So jump on the bandwagon before it departs the farm my friend and enjoy the ride. Geekdo is here!
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