Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mountains & Mole Hills

WotC pulled their PDF's from the web...SO WHAT? The grumblings and consternation flooding the web are childish, selfish and ridiculous.

This stuff was available on the web for purchase for a long time. If you waited and by your laziness did not get whatever you suddenly HAD TO HAVE, blame yourself-not WotC! No company owes you to publish, or even let you have access to their stuff via PDF. You can now buy them second hand at a crazy price now or download bootleg copies which will now flood the web.

When did you suddenly become entitled to a companies back catalog? Having had access for quite some time now, why did you wait so long to get what you suddenly could not live or game without? I understand the "hey I bought it and had 4 downloads left now they took them all away I've been robbed!" line of thought. In a manner of speaking yes that is a pisser, yet I believe certain sites are giving you one last access to previously purchased titles. So problem solved, do your downloads and move on.

WotC does not owe anyone the ability to purchase their products via PDF. If you failed to get what you wanted while it was available, that is YOUR fault and YOUR mistake. No one else is to blame. Take responsibility for it, suck it up, learn the lesson and don;t make it again!

Now get out there and game man! Your own stuff you make is far better than the off the shelf stuff anyway brother!
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